I'm ready to buy a home! What should I do first?

Get pre-approved for financing!

Why get pre-approved?

• Sellers want to know that you are a serious buyer before they will consider your offer.
• As an informed purchaser you will be prepared to negotiate the best contract terms.
• To know what you qualify for, what your payments will be, and what price you can afford.
• A pre-approval will give you a competitive advantage over other buyers in your price range.

What will a pre-approval tell me?

• What price range you can afford and the sales price you quailfy for.
• The loan program that is best for you and what the down payment requirements are.
• What the current interest rates are and the corresponding montly mortgage payment.
• What your credit score is and what can be done to raise it if necessary.

How do I get pre-approved?

 Apply here today for a free consultation with our mortgage partner.